Mike Gomes

GRIND | Trailer

Trailer to the award-winning short film "Grind" directed by Yuri Alves.

This format-bending profile of Robert Wilmote reveals the story of a Liberian refugee and former gangster, who transformed his life following his release from prison. Through dramatic reenactments, featuring Robert himself, we discover how Robert's passion empowered him to transcend a life of violence and become a living legend. (Cinemascope 4K)


Directed by Yuri Alves
Featuring: Robert Wilmote
Producers: Yuri Alves and Igor Alves
Executive Producers: Yuri Alves, Igor Alves, Mike Gomes
Associate Producers: Dan Dowding and Paul Burger
Consulting Producer: Christopher Santiago
Cinematographer: Mike Gomes
Editor: Yuri Alves
Sound Editing and Mix: Mert Ozcan
Composer: Benjamin Zecker
Assistant Camera: Caroline Sincaruk and Marco Penajoia
Gaffer: Gabriel Kurzlop
Sound: Victor Buitrago
Colorist: Alex Maclean
Production Coordinator: Li Kurzlop
Production Assistants: Erick Arce, Corey Brumfield, Steven Goncalves, Khadiyah Thomas, Sharon Wu



Location: Newark, NJ

special Thanks

Post Production Sound Services: The Record House
Post Production Color Services: Rogue
In Association with: The Hidden Fortress

Production Company: DreamPlay Media
Made with support from: Newark Office of Film and Television, City of Newark, Hell'z Kitchen Lounge